Plan Your Trip

How It Works


Step 1:​​​​​
Choose and purchase tickets. ​​​​

Purchase your tickets at one of our three locations — Chattahoochee Outpost, Headwaters Outpost, or Mainstreet Booth — or in advance online. Booking online and filling out the required waiver in your confirmation email will help speed up check-in, but it isn't necessary. Walk-ins are welcome, but please sign our online waiver before arriving at the counter. Choose between our one hour and two hour tubing options. For groups of 20+, we request an online booking or reservation. 

Step 2: 
Prepare for your river adventure. 


Once you've signed in, change into your river attire and lock all valuables away. Leave your keys and ID with us or rent a locker for $3. (Lockers are only available at Chattahoochee Outpost). Get your life-jacket and straps from the tube room. We handle your tube from start to finish! 


Step 3:
Get in the river! 


How this works depends on where you buy your ticket. Every tubing adventure either begins or ends with a journey up-river in one of our famous blue and white buses. (If you buy your tickets at Mainstreet Booth, you'll catch a bus at the beginning and at the end). You’ll hop on the bus at the Chattahoochee Outpost then float down to where you paid and parked. You’ll jump straight in the river from the Headwaters Outpost then you’ll bus back to where you paid and parked. 


Step 4:
Enjoy shooting the 'Hooch! 


Members of our staff help you exit the river at the Chattahoochee Outpost, where all Cool River tubers end their trip. Dry off, warm up, and either use our changing rooms at the exit or take a bus back to where you parked your car!