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Lost and Found

Lost and found.

Anything you bring into the river while tubing can be swept downstream before you realize it is missing. Please do not bring valuables with you. We often find reusable water bottles, sunglasses, shoes, wallets, and keys. Calling a locksmith to get into your car at the end of your trip can put a damper on a day of fun. To assist you in keeping your belongings we offer the following:

 1. We will hold your keys with a photo ID for free. Feel free to secure your belongings in your vehicle and leave your keys with us.

2. We offer lockers for rent.

3. We offer straps so you can strap your water bottle to your tube.

Reporting a lost item.

We try our best to return found items to the owners who lost them. We will hold items for pick up, mail items to their owner, if the owner chooses or the items go unclaimed we donate them to a local non-profit thrift store. Despite our best efforts please understand, we are not responsible for locating your lost items, we are not responsible for a mailed item making it to you, and we are not responsible for any damage your item has incurred on the bumpy trip down the river or through the mail. Please fill out our lost and found form at the following link and we will do our best to match it.