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Weather and Conditions

We are open rain or shine!

Although we are never positive what the weather will be, we recommend that you check the weather online for Helen, GA before planning your visit and to avoid any unwanted storms. 

If you are on the river and it begins to storm, we recommend that you exit the river and make your way to the closest road. If any storm pops up, our buses quickly begin circulating to pick people up. You can leave your equipment in the river and just board the bus. 

The water level also affects your float. You can see the current level in Helen on the gage below. Late in the summer, the water level often drops. If it gets too shallow to float towards the beginning of the river, we will begin recommending the shorter route, where the water is deeper.

The water usually gets too high to open once or twice per summer after a heavy, overnight rain. We close at 1.5 ft on the river gage.

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